Refresh your Job Search

In a job search rut? It’s easy to burn out or feel like you’re stalling out as a job seeker. Here are some simple things you can do to revitalize and reset your job search!

Refresh Your Resume

New resume, who’s this? There’s a lot of online tools for building out your resume. The style and length of a resume will depend on your industry and skills, however for content, we love for ensuring your resume has all the right keywords! Simply copy and paste a job posting and your resume into Jobscan, and they’ll let you know tips including formating, keywords, and how likely an Applicant Tracking System will pick up your resume as a top resume. JobScan has free tools for the budget-conscious or paid plans for the more aggressive job seeker.

Refresh your Linkedin

LinkedIn pretty much has two types of people on it: Recruiters and Job seekers. So as a job seeker, if you’re not utilizing LinkedIn you’re missing out!

You can customize your profile with more than just your work experience. Now you can add an objective (tagline) and set your profile to “Open to Work” to make your profile jump to the top of recruiter searches.

JobScan also has resources to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Use an Application Tracker

If you don’t need a spreadsheet to keep track of the jobs you’re applying for, you’re not applying enough. You can track your job applications in a Google Sheet or with some notes in a Word document. However, there are Apps with Chrome integrations that help automate your job tracking process. We love Teal for its ease of use and the free version, of course. Teal will automatically detect a job ad on your web browser and ask if you want to add it to your list. You can then set the status of the job application to easily track where you are in the process for what application. It’s that easy!

Find Other Job Seekers: Join an online Community

There’s one thing for sure: You are NOT alone! Searching for jobs can be exhausting and isolating but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, you can always message us on Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram. We’d be happy to chat and help keep an eye out for job opportunities in the Columbia River Gorge for you!

Here is a Reddit community that “aim(s) to empower job seekers … through the promotion of their best interests, advice, and encouragement.” Below is an example of someone sharing their job-seeking progress:

Oh, they have a Discord Group too!

Take A Break

If you feel yourself getting a negative attitude about your job search, that may be a time to take a break from searching. Feeling defeated, worthless, desperate, or panicked about your job search is totally normal, but know that it will come out when you talk to hiring managers and recruiters. Bad vibes generate more bad vibes. It might be time for you to take a break. Taking a break could look like:

  • Taking a full day off from job searching and doing something you love
  • Getting a part time, temporary, or seasonal job to help bring income in and get a routine back into your life
  • Carve out time for friends and family that make you feel good
  • Seek out volunteer opportunities – engaging in a volunteer gig can help you feel self-worth as well as help you form connections with people in the community which could lead to a job
  • If you don’t have a pet, ask a friend if you can spend time with theirs

We hope some of these suggestions help! Remember to sign up for job alerts and stay positive!

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