For businesses that need to hire! 

Our interview and hiring training will boost your hiring skills and boost the quality of your next hire. We offer simple, straightforward training aimed at helping anyone in a hiring role gain valuable skills to make the right hiring choice.

Who benefits from interview training?

  • Growing business making their first hire
  • A new hiring manager or supervisor
  • Anyone in a hiring role who needs a refresher on interviewing

What’s in the course?

  • Basic hiring process – what steps are involved and how to stay organized
  • Legal checklist – what is hiring discrimination and how does it apply in the process?
  • How to craft your interview questions
  • Techniques for interviewing
  • Making selection decisions
  • Lots and lots of example questions!

Interview + Hiring Training can be a one-on-one coaching session or we can deliver to larger groups. Customization options are available to tailor training to your business and the unique challenges you face hiring.

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