• Inclusion Statement in Job Postings: What are they and should you use one?
    Inclusion Statements are a couple of sentences or a paragraph in a job posting that signal to applicants the company’s values. The inclusion statement has evolved from a ‘legalese’ EEOC statement to employers specifically addressing members of minority groups,
  • Hiring Bonus Checklist
    (almost)Everything you need to consider before posting a job with a hiring Bonus. It was the beginning of 2021 and I was working at a company that was desperate for housekeepers. Our biggest issue was we just couldn’t get
  • Bonus Exemption Lifted from Equal Pay Act in Oregon
    Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. This blog is written by an Experienced HR and Recruiting professional, however, you should always consult an employment lawyer before you offer hiring bonuses or change your business’s
  • Stay Up-to-date on OR and WA minimum wage
    Oregon’s Minimum wage is bumping up on July 1, 2022. If you’re an employer in Hood River or Wasco County, you must pay $13.50 starting July 1, 2022. This is up from the previous rate of $12.75.
  • Is Your Job Posting Discouraging Applicants from Applying? Here’s How to fix it!
    TL:DR: You may not realize it, but the language and content of your job posting may be discouraging applicants from applying. Here’s five things you can do to make your job ad welcoming to more candidates: Remove Years of
  • Washington Employers – Get Ready to Post The Wage in Job Ads
    Coming January 1, 2023, Washington Employers with 15 or more employees will be required to post a salary or wage in all job ads. “The Employer must disclose in each posting for each job opening the wage scale or
  • Build your own Online Application Form in Less than Five Minutes
    Asking candidates to e-mail their resumes in can result in buried messages and an unorganized process An application form and way to organize applicants creates a better experience for the candidate and the hiring team There are free applicant tracking systems your business could utilize too! Using Google Forms is a low-cost way to customize an application form while providing tracking on the backend.
  • Refresh Your Talent Search
    Not getting any applicants? Here are some action items you can deploy to attract more candidates in a tough labor market.
  • As an Oregon Employer, Can I require applicants to be 21 yrs or older?
    In the state of Oregon, “employers may not … refuse to hire, or otherwise discriminate against an employee in compensation or other terms … because of that person’s age if they are 18 or older.” But wait! What about
  • Thinking of Hiring Minors? Read This First!
    This is a quick reference guideline with links to resources for hiring minors in the Columbia River Gorge (Oregon and Washington states).
  • How to Write Interview Questions
    This worksheet will help you design interview questions for a job. You’ll start by identifying the Essential Functions and the Preferred Functions of the job. Then for each function, you’ll identify the competencies one must have to perform it.
  • Hiring 101
    This is your quick start guide for everything hiring. From anti-discrimination laws to developing interview questions, these slides have it all!
  • Reference Checking
    Reference Checking – a brief overview of when and how to conduct a reference check on a candidate, with some example questions to ask.
  • Talking about Covid in the Hiring Process
    Setting expectations starts in the interview process, it does not wait for onboarding and training. As a hiring manager/supervisor, you are setting your team up for success by covering specific company and job-specific safety expectations in your interview questions. 
  • Avoid These When Crafting a Job Posting
    If you haven’t already done so, check out our “How to Craft an Engaging Job Posting” for the basics on crafting job postings. Each industry and job type has a different candidate audience that will require customizing your recruiting
  • How to Craft an Engaging Job Posting
    As an employer looking to hire, crafting a job posting or job advertisement is a task worth putting some time into. Why? Because this is your first chance to select for qualified candidates and help non-qualifying candidates choose to