Employer FAQ

What does it cost to post a job on Gorge Hired?

Free Posting

Give Gorge Hired a try for free! A free post is published on the website for 15 days. One Free post per employer.

Basic Job Listing

Get your job out there with a basic posting!

  • ✅ Published for 31 days on gorgehired.com
  • ✅ Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • ✅ Google Jobs Indexed
  • ✅ Reviewed by our admins for Equal Employment (EEOC) issues, readability, and SEO improvements
  • ✅ $19 per job

Upgrade with a Premium Job Listing!

Everything you get above with increased visibility:

Social Media Boost!

Reach even MORE candidates with a Social Media Boost package. Jobs that are boosted on our social media channels get between 300 and 1000 + more impressions than posting your job on the GorgeHired.com website alone. This is a great option for businesses that don’t have an internal recruiting/marketing media team.

All social media posts will guide the viewer to click through DIRECTLY to your job posting on GorgeHired.com.

What Social Media Boost gets you:

  • ✅ Featured video and photo media content on GorgeHired’s social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) – see examples here 
  • ✅ Extra shares on Gorge Hired’s Instagram + Facebook Stories
  • ✅ Full rights/access to the media for your own company’s use when requested
  • ✅ $55

One job per Social Media Boost. Boost is only available with the purchase of a Basic or Premium job posting.

Why Post a Job on Gorge Hired?

Gorge Hired is a hyper-local job board. We have large-scale job board features with the focused audience of a local classified board. Our website is created with SEO in mind and our jobs are all Google Job Indexed.

Gorge Hired has multiple audiences across many platforms that will help you reach a broad, yet targeted Gorge-Local audience when seeking candidates. We boast a growing Instagram Page and are connected with many followers on Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn communities as well. A job posting on Gorge Hired will automatically be picked up by Google Job search indexing, and we are continually optimizing our search engine recognition.

Can I edit my job after it’s posted?

Yes, you can log in and edit your job anytime. That means you can mark it as filled or make minor edits to the posting. To keep the job consistent for Google indexing and search engines, we do not recommend major edits though after the job has been published.

I hired someone and there’s more time left on my posting, can I use my remaining time for another job?

Each job posting purchased is good for one job for the entire 30 days. If you’d like to post another job with us you may do so with a new job posting.

Are there geographic restrictions for Job Posts?

We ask that employers posting jobs be located within the Columbia Gorge geographic area. The west-most boundary is Dodson/Skamania. The furthest east is roughly The Dalles, OR and Dallesport, WA areas with considerations for Goldendale, WA. North to Trout Lake, and South to Mt. Hood. We do consider job postings from businesses or job functions that employ or source their workforce in the Columbia Gorge area. If you are unsure if your business or job qualifies, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

Does Gorge Hired provide staffing services?

No, we are not a staffing agency and we do not provide candidate sourcing services.

Can I post multiple jobs in one posting?

Only one job per posting, please. For example, if your business is hiring for three Cooks, you can post one Cook position. If your business is hiring for one (1) Cook, one (1) Dishwasher and two (2) Servers you must post three (3) separate postings, one for each job.

Why only One job per Posting?

There are a few reasons we ask for one job per posting, and they all benefit the employer posting the job!

  • Less confusing for applicants
  • Gorge Hired is connected with Google Jobs so that when someone searches ‘server jobs in the gorge’ a server job posted in Gorge Hired will appear in the results list. When multiple jobs are listed, this tool is less effective, resulting in less exposure from google searches
  • Gorge Hired has Search Engine Optimization tools embedded in each post that work better if focused to one job.

Does Gorge Hired have a talent pool they can reference?

At the moment Gorge Hired does not collect resumes. As the labor market shifts we may offer this in the future, but currently candidates are in general not motivated to post their resumes on job board sites as a search tactic. We do have candidates reach out to us on social media occasionally asking if we know of a specific opportunity. We always engage with these folks and send them in the right direction if we know of a job opening in the area. Gorge Hired can’t refer these candidates to your job if you don’t make us aware of your job opportunity, so post today!


Don’t hesitate to reach out today!