How to Craft an Engaging Job Posting

As an employer looking to hire, crafting a job posting or job advertisement is a task worth putting some time into. Why? Because this is your first chance to select for qualified candidates and help non-qualifying candidates choose to self select. Follow this simple outline to craft a great post: 

Introduce the company

Give a short description of what makes your company and work environment stand out. 

COVID-19 and Other Health/Safety Considerations

Add a statement about how your company is committing to keeping employees and customers safe. Candidates are looking for employers who are providing the tools, support and rules to keep the workplace safe during the pandemic and beyond. This also sets the expectation with the candidate that they will be expected to also follow safety guidelines. 

Introduce the job

This is the elevator pitch for the job. The simpler the job, the shorter the pitch. A server shouldn’t take too long to explain. A manager on the other hand, should be a bit more detailed. 

Post the starting wage! This makes you stand out amongst other employers and helps the candidate make an informed decision if they want to apply. 

Outline a typical schedule. Do you need someone M – Wed. and sometimes Fridays? Is the work flexible? Let them know!

List the minimum qualifications

See examples below!

List your preferred qualifications

  • Bullet lists are really nice here too
  • Previous experience oftentimes is a preferred qualification
  • These are your ‘nice to haves’ but wouldn’t disqualify a candidate for not putting them there


List the perks and benefits! Do you offer any discounts? Vacation or Sick Time? Medical Benefits? Retirement? Industry perks? What do your employees enjoy about working for you? 

How do they apply? 

All too often we see job postings on other job boards that don’t instruct candidates how to apply. Thankfully, GorgeHired takes care of that for you. Enter the e-mail to contact or job application web link in your job posting submission and the “Apply Now” button will take them right to it.

Learn about elements you don’t want to include in job postings at our post  Avoid These When Crafting a Job Posting

*Example: Great communicator is too subjective to be a minimum qualification. Same with “eye for detail.” “Ability to communicate using e-mail and other written forms of communication in English” is a more specific, objective qualification.

**Age Requirements: Check your local, state and federal discrimination laws. For example, you must have a bona fide occupational qualification to discriminate against those 18 yrs and over. An example of a bona fide qualification based on age is 21 yrs or older to serve alcohol.

***Education requirements: Education requirements often have unintended discriminatory effects and discourage minorities and women from applying when they’re otherwise perfectly capable of performing the job. Do you really need a bachelor degree or high school diploma to do this job? Could someone get equivalent experience or a GED? Do you ask every applicant to see proof of their diploma and graduation credentials before hiring them? If the answer is no you should drop the requirement.

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